First play

Frédéric Français is a Frenchman. Around 2 years ago he has left his home country France to get a better life in Austria. Emigrating to Austria and to assimilate in the new area was much more difficult than he had ever expected. The decision was … let’s say he went mad. What happened? What’s the reason? What does a Frenchman do with the people of Mad(agascar)? A play and a life full of questions, unordinary-ordinary people, references and wordplays. Sometimes life asks you “Quoi de neuf?” (English: “What’s new?”). The original language of the play is German.

In December 2009, René Peckl began to stage the first scenes from this play under the name “3Efe”. Originally conceived as a cabaret, in the later writing process (2019) “Quoi de neuf?” developed more into a play. The critical of society already existed in 2009 – but 10 years later it became a play with critical, funny, absurd and also sad to tragic moments. In addition to the main character Frédéric Français, the piece also includes numerous other characters. And with one small exception, Peckl plays all of the characters himself. Length of time: 1 hour 40 minutes (no break)

Poster photo copyright: Philomène Incici; Poster design: dpossephotography

All scene photos: © dpossephotography; Picture editing: T. P.